Interactive Maps

Google Earth Maps

KMZ Files are used to insert data into Google Earth. Here is a link to download Google Earth.
You can run these files from here if you have Google earth loaded. Or you can save these files to your desktop.
Executing these files will open Google Earth if loaded on your computer. Chart data updated automatically.

Subsidence Monitor Network All (KMZ) with Charts
Harris Galveston Subsidence District only (KMZ) with Charts
Fort Bend Subsidence District (KMZ) with Charts
Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (KMZ) with Charts
Brazoria County Monitor Sites (KMZ) with Charts
Harris Galveston & Fort Bend Reg Areas (KMZ)
2000 Releveling (KMZ)
Non Interactive Materials
Maps PDF format.
HGSD Regulatory Area Map (PDF)
FBSD Regulatory Area Map (PDF)
Subsidence Contour Map 1906-2000 (PDF)


Raw GPS Data
FTP download site for HGSD Monitor Sites GPS data